Jane Kelly is a visual artist based on the west coast of Scotland. She has a wide range of studio and commissioned practice which derives from a traditional Fine Art education, progressed by later work in post graduate Cultural Studies. Equally significant in her development have been her collaborations with architects, engineers, landscape architects and other artists on multidisciplinary design teams across the UK and in Europe.

She is very much inspired by the the coastal environment she now inhabits, including the challenges facing the ancient Argyll landscape by highly visible sea, land and military based industries. In all her work, her aim is to take an exploratory holistic approach, and to apply organic and sustainable principles in arriving at original site specific research, concepts, design and creations.

Her primary studio and environmental concerns inform her commissioned work, and vice versa, and she welcomes the creative collisions with collaborators and clients. In making images, objects, gardens, landworks and other environments, she is particularly fascinated in exploring ways in which she can create an evocative sense of place.

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